This collection of original Tàijíquán (太極拳) texts, translations and commentaries is probably the most complete to date. Master Yang Jwing Ming (楊俊敏) covers a lot of material on the three books: Tai Chi Secrets of the Yang Style (太極拳楊氏先哲秘要), Tai Chi Secrets of the Wu Style (太極拳吳氏先哲秘要) and Tai Chi Secrets of the Wu & Li Styles (太極拳武李氏先哲秘要). There is material for a life of study and the books complement quite well the other handbooks proposed by the prolific Master Yang Jwing Ming (楊俊敏).
Some of the material is also present on the Lost Tai Chi Classics from the Late Ch'ing Dinasty, by Douglas Wyle. But the approach is different, as the "Lost Tai Chi Classics" cover it from the scholar point of view, here the texts are presented from the practicioner point of view.

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