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rien ne commande à la lumière

Excerpt from 拳意述真自序 the Author's Preface in 拳意述真 Boxing Concepts Explained Authentically

一則 夫道者。陰陽之根。萬物之體也。其道未發。懸於太虛之內。其道已發。流行於萬物之中。夫道一而已矣。在天曰命。在人曰性。在物曰理。在拳術曰內勁。所以內家拳術。…

A Lua | The Moon

A Study of Wood of the 五行 Five Elements

The beginning of Spring (春) starts is a timely occasion to look at the elemen…

董虎嶺 Dǒng Hǔlǐng demonstrates 楊氏太極拳 Yáng Style Tàijíquán

曾海文 T'ang Haywen

À la cour du Prince Genji | 1000 ans d’imaginaire japonais

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