This is certainly the reference book on Xíngyìquán (形意拳). The author, Sūn Lùtáng (孫祿堂) is one of, if not the, main masters of internal martial arts in the 20th century. For this aspect alone, it would be a key book for the practicioner.
As a manual, it is a rather complete coverage of the main basic aspects of the art. To my knowledge is one of very the few books that go beyond the Five Fists (五行拳) to the Twelve Animals (十二形拳) of Hebei and Anshenpao (安身炮). Each movement is presented with a "theoretical explanation", to me the most interesting parts, followed by the movements themselves, which are always better seen with a qualified teacher than in a book.
The main interest is that Sūn Lùtáng (孫祿堂) developed the main systematization of the Internal Martial Arts(內家). In his books for the first time cosmological taoist terms like Wú​jí (無極), Tàijí (太極) and Liǎngyí (兩儀) are presented to explain specific steps of the practice. Even though it is applied to the other internal arts, this systematization is particularly striking for Xíngyìquán (形意拳).

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