I find it comforting that one of the most used names for a bar in town is "Liberty". Or at least it is in the neighborhood. This is of course a totally unscientific statement, based on my biased observations as I wander around here. Still, I see a lot of them. I suspect "Liberty" reflects something about the owner, but that is not all. The ones I crossed are usually noisy, joyful, crowded places, where people unintentionnally demonstrate their support for the concept through beer, good music and laughing.

I ponder about the fate of the rest of the list. I crossed very few "Fraternity" bars in town or in travel, I recall only one "Equality" in a city far away. I understand the attraction "Liberty" has as a bar name. "Fraternity" however seems to me equally appropriate, and under this name I can imagine a cozy, comfortable, sharing crowd. However, bars maybe a too diverse environneent to hold on to "Equality", and perhaps the one I saw was more of an ideologic statement.

On the other hand, one does not see hainous names or dubious titles for bars. Maybe they wouldn't atract as many customers. It may be that behind these names I just spot good marketing management in the bar market. I prefer to think instead that this priority of bar names reflects a cheerful, upbeat view of our world.

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