(...)The way to study Zen should be like the way a fish picks up its food. It does not try to catch anything. It just swims around. And if something good comes-snap! Even though it is very hot, you are observing Tassajara rules, eating in the hot zendo like a fish swimming around, and if something good comes-snap! As you are doing so, you will get something. I don't know whether you realize it or not, but as long as you are following the rules, you will have something. Even though you don't have anything or study anything, you are actually studying, like a fish who doesn't seem to know what he is eat- ing. That's all. We should study Zen in that way. To under- stand does not mean to understand something through your head.(...)

Quoted from Branching Streams Float in the Darkness by Suzuki, Shunryu.

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