On a soft August evening I scramble down the slope of the mountain and find a steep place to sit crosslegged near firs and blasted old tree stumps, facing the moon, the yellow halfmoon that’s sinking into the mountains to the southwest – In the western sky, warm rose – About 8 :30 – The wind over the miledown lake is balmy and reminiscent of all the you’ve ever had about enchanted lakes – I pray and ask Awakener Avalokitesvara to lay his diamond hand on my brow and give me the immortal understanding – He is the Hearer and Answerer of Prayer, I know that this business is self hallucination and crazy but after all it is only the awakeners (the Buddhas) who have said they do not exist – In about tweny seconds comes this understanding to my mind and heart : ‘When a baby is born he falls asleep and dreams the dream of life, when he dies and is buried in his grave he wakes up again to the Eternal Ecstasy’ – ‘And when all is said and done, it doesn’t matter’ -

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