And that is precisely what Maya means, it means we're being fooled into believing in the reality of the feeling of the show of things - Maya in Sanskrit, it means wile - And why do we go on being fooled even when we know it? - Because of the energy of our habit and we hand it down from chromosome to chromosome to our children but even when the last living thing on earth is sucking at the last drop of water at the base of equatorial ice fields the energy of the habit of Maya will be in the world, embued right in rock and scale – What rock and scale? There are none there, none now, none ever were – The simplest truth in the world is beyond our reach because of its complete simplicity, i.e., its pure nothingness – There are no awakeners and no meanings – Even if suddenly 400 naked Nagas came solemn tromping over the ridge here and say to me ‘We have been told the Buddha was to be found on this mountaintop – we have walked many countries, many years, to get herer – are you alone here?’ – ‘Yes’ – ‘Then you are the Buddha’ and all 400 of em prostrate and adore, and I sit suddenly perfectly in diamond silence – even then, and I wouldn’t be surprised (why be surprised?) even then I would realize that there are, there is no Buddha, no awakener, and there is no Meaning, no Dharma, and it is all only the wile of Maya.

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