And I buy Buddha, who said, that what he said was neither true nor untrue, and there's the only true thing or good thing I ever heard and it rings a cloudy bell, a mighty supramundane gong -- He said, 'Your trip was long, illimitable, you came to this raindrop called your life, and call it yours -- we have purposed that you vow to be awakened -- whether in a million lifetimes you disregard this Kingly Heeding, it's still a raindrop in the sea and who's disturbed and what is time--? This Bright Ocean of Infinitude sails many fish afar, that come and go like the sparkle on your lake, mind, but dive into the rectangular white blaze of this thought now: You have been assigned to wake up, this is the golden eternity, which knowledge will do you no earthly good for earth's not pith, a crystal myth--face the A-H truth, awakener, be you not knuckled under the wile of cold or heat, comfort or unrepose, be you mindful, moth, of eternity--by you loving, lad, lord, of infinite variety--be you one of us, Great Knowers Without Knowing, Great Lovers Beyond Love, whole hosts of unnumberable angels with form or desire, supernatural corridors of heat--we heat to hold you woke--open your arms embrace the world, it and we rush in, we'll lay a silver meeting brand of golden hands on your milky embowered brow, power, to make you freeze in love forever-- Believe!and ye shall live forever-- Believe, that ye have lived forever--overrule the fortresses and penances of dark isolate suffering life on earth, there's more to life than earth, there's Light Everywhere, look--

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